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Workplace engagement crushers: 5 easy ways to undermine employee engagement

In previous blogs, I’ve shared some thoughts on how to create a workplace that inspires employee engagement. A work environment in which employees feel an emotional connection and commitment to their work and to their organization. A workplace that attracts great talent. A culture that brings out the best in people and holds them accountable to be, and do, their best.

Sound idealistic? If so, you are indulging in one of the most common barriers to creating a culture that feels engaging to employees …

Underestimating the power leaders have in shaping their culture

Organizations always have a culture. Your culture is made up of the unique beliefs, attitudes and values of your organization.

If you think about culture as “the way we do things around here” (admittedly a simplified definition of a complex topic!), then consider this: Who gets to decide how things get done? As leaders, you are the ones who typically define organizational mission and values, identify organizational priorities, make decisions on workplace processes and practices, determine what and how communication occurs, and set performance and behavioral expectations.

Leaders also set the emotional tone of the organization. All of these things contribute to shaping your culture. Are you intentional about aligning all of these elements to support a culture of engagement?

Here are a few other ways that a culture of engagement can be easily undermined …

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