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Employees speak out about their pandemic experience

“Although these are less than ideal circumstances, we have all pulled together as a team. That extra bit of support and acknowledgement we get from leaders makes a difference. Simple things can go a long way.”

Employee well-being started receiving heightened awareness before COVID, but once the virus came crashing into our lives, leaders at all levels recognized the imperative to attend to the physical and emotional well-being of staff. Research provides incredibly valuable insights about dealing with workplace anxiety, stress and burnout, which are now amplified by intensified safety risks, increased workloads and additional family responsibilities. But what specifically do senior care employees say about their experience?

As we try to figure out how to manage through the pandemic with limited knowledge and resources, it’s helpful to know how employees are faring through all of this. Employees from several multi-facility organizations were surveyed to learn about their experience navigating the COVID storm.

Read the full article on McKnight's.

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