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The secret sauce for innovative thinking: engaged employees

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

Whenever I attend a state or national aging services conference, I get re-inspired by the incredible people who provide care and services to seniors. Recently I participated in a state conference that reinforced the amazing things that can happen when employees combine empathy, teamwork, bold thinking and resourcefulness.

Here are some examples:

  • A mash-up of congruent needs resulted in a partnership between a rural long-term care facility and the local community  high school. Intergenerational relationships were established when high school students worked with facility residents to  write Life Story books that not only created a lasting tribute to the resident but also a valuable encapsulation of their legacy for the resident’s family. Through this process, the residents’ lives were validated and the students learned from the life lessons of the residents. The students benefitted from a real-world learning experience and at the same time developed their writing skills. In addition, introducing students to the long-term care environment paved the way for a potential workforce.

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