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Staying engaged so that you can engage others

Let me ask you a few personal questions…

  • How do you typically feel on your drive to work? Eager and enthusiastic?  Or listless and apathetic?

  • How do you usually feel during your workday? Do you spend most of your day feeling motivated and energized, or dispirited and depleted?

  • What about when you leave work at the end of your day? Do you typically feel gratified to have added value to a worthy mission, or do you feel like you want to run away and never come back?

Of course we all have some days that are better than others, but overall, when you think about your work experience, do you usually feel positive? The reason I ask is that, as noted in my last blog, your level of engagement directly impacts the level of engagement of your employees! In order to engage others, you have to feel engaged yourself, and be able to convey your engagement to your team.

The good news is that engagement can be internally cultivated, which means that you can generate and sustain your own personal feelings of engagement. How can we prime our brains to be engaged? Here are some tips for feeling and conveying engagement.

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