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Millennial perspectives: what matters to millennials?

Over the past several months I’ve offered some thoughts on creating a culture of engagement in which employees feel connected to your facility/community and are motivated to contribute their best. With the Government Accountability Office recently releasing their report, “Lessons Learned for Engaging Millennials and Other Age Groups,” I took the opportunity to dig a little deeper on this topic by discussing it with three millennials who work in the senior care industry. In my conversations, I asked them about their motivators and de-motivators in the workplace.

Perhaps what motivates them does not differ greatly from other generations, but as providers, we know that the millennial generation currently makes up the majority of our workforce and those numbers will continue to grow. Although there are varying perspectives on the delineation of millennial birth years, they generally span between 1981 and 1998. Millennials have now overtaken the baby boomers as America’s largest generation, and by 2020 they will make up 40% of the total working population.

So it pays to stay attentive to what matters to millennials!

My interviewees were very generous in providing some rich insights… probably enough to write a book! But I’ll try to condense what I learned into a few golden nuggets.

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