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How can leaders engage employees? Lessons from “Field of Dreams”

Do you remember the movie Field of Dreams? I loved that movie! It had charm, mystery, sentimentality, and a real feel-good ending. With courage and determination, the main character, Ray Kinsella, faced numerous challenges while dealing with doubts from others. But throughout his singular quest, he had the resolution and drive to succeed.

There are some interesting parallels in this story to what it’s like for a leader at the top. Leaders have innumerable problems to consider and crucial decisions to make. Whether you are a CEO of a multi-facility organization, an administrator of a facility, or the director of a nursing department, it can feel pretty lonely navigating through uncertainties and taking the risks needed to succeed. When you stop to consider that the ultimate accountability for successfully operating your organization, facility or department lands on your shoulders, the sense of isolation can feel pretty overwhelming.

This is especially true when you consider that the care and service your patients and residents receive rely heavily on the skills, motivation and engagement of your employees and that you are ultimately accountable for shaping a culture in which your workforce thrives and your customers are happy.

Yes, creating a culture of engagement in your organization is squarely on you.

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