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Spend time delivering wellness programming, not creating it

The challenge of providing wellness programming is growing: families today rightfully expect a wide variety of physical, social, and intellectual wellness offerings. Depending on the specific independent or assisted living community, there could be several different people and/or departments that are responsible for delivering wellness programming to your seniors in some way, shape or form. Wellness Directors, Activities staff, Community Life team members… The titles go on and on. While the titles and people might vary, these resources have one thing in common – they are busy!

The reality is that we have a senior population that demands (and deserves) wellness programming that is robust, varied and impactful. Communities have limited resources when it comes to developing and delivering that content. Someone has to develop it, right? That monumental task often falls to the same resources that deliver it – the same resources that are already pressed for time. Set up for a class, lead the class, clean up from the class, check your email, prep for the next class, work one-on-one with a resident, run to your next class. Whew – you just made it through the first couple of hours! Spend a day with a wellness team member and you’ll see what I mean. If you are a wellness team member, you’re probably laughing and nodding your head right now.

Your average wellness team member usually tackles this issue in one of two less-than-ideal ways. They either…

  1. Try and develop content in their free time. That usually means during off hours or in 5-minute increments squeezed between other tasks.

  2. Accept that #1 isn’t realistic and continue to use whatever content you have indefinitely.

Let’s face it: Between balancing busy home lives and even busier work lives, often times, people’s only is option #2. That can be pretty unfulfilling for both your residents, who want and deserve personalized wellness programs, and for your wellness team, who want to see your residents engaged, healthy, and living their best lives.

Delivering the same old wellness programming month after month, year after year gets old for both residents and staff. There are so many obstacles. Where do you find the time to create this magical content? Where do you even start? Will it be well-received by your residents? How do you know if the variety is right, the content robust enough, and if what you’re trying is evidenced-based?

Overwhelmed yet? I don’t blame you!

What happens if an existing wellness programs doesn’t cut it?

If independent or assisted living communities aren’t delivering adequate wellness programming, not only are they not serving their population well, they put themselves at risk for watching other communities, who are meeting that expectation, pull ahead.

When it comes to wellness programming, developing relevant content that interests and impacts your residents in a positive, evidence-based way is no easy task. It takes a ton of time to determine the right topic, do the research, and put all of the materials together. Countless hours that staff members don’t have must go into it.

There is another way.

When it really comes down to it, wouldn’t you rather spend your time delivering wellness programming to your residents than spend time creating it?

You can! This doesn’t have to be a daunting task or impossible obstacle—take the guesswork out of it!

Imagine having access to a robust library of evidenced-based wellness programming.

Imagine picking and choosing what elements to add to your existing wellness offerings.

Imagine a full Learning Management System (LMS) that takes you through every step in learning how to deliver that programming, and even earning CEUs while you are doing it.

Imagine knowing you have what residents need—and want!

Wouldn’t that solve a ton of problems?

ActivLife takes the guesswork out of personalizing wellness because we’ve done the research. Our wellness programming is not only relevant to your residents but is also proven to make a difference in a seniors’ ability to live their best lives and age in place for as long as possible.

Engage your residents. Engage your wellness team. Ask us about our ActivLife content library, where you can pick and choose programs in social, intellectual, and physical wellness that you can easily add to your existing wellness program.

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