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Right now, as the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, we are offering a quick electronic survey as an efficient way to check in with your staff, uncover employee concerns and gather actionable feedback.


While an annual or semi-annual engagement survey is great for measuring engagement levels, this quick survey is a powerful way to stay connected with employees during times of high stress and uncertainty – and right now, that’s more important than ever!


Our survey allows you to reach out and check in with every one of your employees. It signals that you care about them and are deeply interested in how you can best support them during this challenging time. Survey results allow you to assess employee perceptions and respond to employee concerns in a targeted way to ensure they feel supported and heard.




A brief survey is sent directly to your employees via text or email




The survey asks a series of eight questions and an open-ended question to capture employee comments




Our dashboard provides data in real-time, allowing you to gain insights quickly




Utilize results to determine specific actions needed to address concerns or challenges

How It Works

With minimal set-up on your part, you can gain employee insights and perspectives about what is working well and where they need support. Learn how your employees are doing during the COVID-19 crisis and let them know you care.


Contact us today for more information and a demo.

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