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New hire surveys measure the level of satisfaction of new employees throughout their onboarding experience. Through a series of four brief check-in surveys sent directly to employees at key touchpoints during their first 90 days, you can see how new team members are adapting to their new job. Survey responses let you know if new employees feel welcomed, respected and connected, and allow you to address barriers to their satisfaction or productivity. You’ll be able to quickly gain insight into issues and fill any gaps that are identified.




Show your new hires that you value them and want to ensure they are receiving everything they need as a new employee.




Quickly see gaps in role clarity, support or training that diminish a new employee’s confidence or commitment





Analyze the effectiveness of your training and onboarding process at 7, 30, 60
and 90 days




Statistically about 20% of employee turnover happens in the first
90 days of employment

Measuring satisfaction over time provides valuable insight into your onboarding process. The tone set in the first few months of employment is critical to retaining staff. Listening to new employees during their onboarding process is key to mitigating unnecessary turnover.


Companies spend a great deal of resources for recruiting and hiring new employees – advertising, interviews, paperwork, and training – keeping turnover to a minimum is key to success. Gaining insight into your new hire onboarding process and correcting issues in the first 90 days can help reduce employee turnover in your company.


Onboarding surveys connect you, in real-time, to the experience of new employees, when it counts most!


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