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Outside the Office
A leader, idea man and dedicated to always making a difference in peoples’ lives. Neil makes the most of each day; in fact his motto is, “There are three working days in every 24 hours.”  No matter the hour, Neil is passionate about his family and grandchildren, is known to be a world traveler, and enjoys a great bottle of French wine now and again.



Neil is a nationally respected professional with decades of experience in the post-acute healthcare sector.  He is an active and energetic entrepreneur with a vision of improving senior care through thoughtful application of technology and practical solutions to the industry.  Align is the next chapter.


He brings a holistic wellness platform to market that optimizes the aging experience for older adults while enhancing the operating metrics for operators of senior care communities. Neil is proud to put his mark on the transformation and evolution of senior care in the face of a rapidly changing industry landscape.

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