Purposeful solutions to increase engagement with seniors and those who serve them

Strategies for engaging and retaining employees

CMS approves civil money penalty (CMP) grant dollars to address employee turnover and its impact on the resident experience and quality of life in Minnesota skilled nursing facilities.

Align selected as provider of Employee Engagement Solution for Minnesota focus on stabilizing senior care workforce.

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Care Providers of Minnesota and LeadingAge Minnesota collaboratively led the charge for this two-year initiative, which offers full funding to nursing facilities to improve engagement and retention. In conjunction with Department of Health Services and Align, this project will provide tools to both measure staff engagement and make meaningful improvements to create a more engaged workforce. Ultimately, this will positively impact the experience of Minnesota skilled nursing residents.

This initiative will fully fund:

  • A comprehensive employee engagement process, complete with evidence-based retention resources

  • Data collection and analysis through surveys across the entire employee life cycle — new hires, current staff and exiting employees — to help you make informed improvement decisions

  • Staff and customer communication tools

  • Leadership training for managers and supervisors — because employee engagement is highly influenced by the behaviors and actions of your frontline leaders

  • Benchmarking on multiple data points compared to participating facilities in Minnesota



Round 2 open for submission: September 24, 2021


Round 2 application closes: November 23, 2021


Expected notification date: Applications approved and awarded every 30 days


Who can apply: Minnesota skilled nursing facilities


Maximum number of grants awarded: 150

Expected outcomes:

  • Increase engagement levels

  • Increase employee retention

  • Ultimately, improve the resident experience and quality of life




Download RFP from Minnesota Department of Human Services web site entitled "Nursing Facility Align Employee Engagement Project."


Read the RFP to ensure you understand the goals and participant expectations of this grant and are prepared to write the most effective application.

Download application from the Minnesota Department of Human Services web site.

Questions about application? For technical assistance in preparing your RFP response, please contact Munna Yasiri, MN Department of Human Services, at (651) 431–2264 or email at munna.yasiri@state.mn.us. Contacting any other state employee in connection with this RFP could result in rejection of your response.

Questions about Align? Email us at info@align30.com



Complete and submit your application package to DHS. The fillable form must be submitted to DHS as an email attachment by midnight on August 30, 2021. The email address for submission is: DHS.NFRP.CostReport@state.mn.us



DHS will review applications and notify you if your application is accepted. 



Once you’ve received notification of acceptance, contact Align to arrange for your contract. Align will provide an invoice. Following payment, Align will provide you with a receipt to be submitted to DHS.



Submit receipt to DHS for reimbursement of the full amount through CMP grant dollars.