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Outside the Office
In her personal time, Lisa enjoys weekend trips with her husband of over forty years to state parks, unique restaurants, and walking trails. You’ll also find them with their daughter and grandchildren boating on various islands, waiting to see what shell treasures low tide will reveal. She spends many nights and weekdays cheering for her grandsons at various sports events or working side-by-side with her granddaughter on their many aquariums and plants. Lisa is an avid reader and attempts “crafty” hobbies such as painting, crocheting, sewing and scrapbooking.



Lisa has over thirty years of experience in project management, team integration, and graphic design. She works across all product line to support Align’s strategy for the design, development, production, implementation and evaluation of product resources. Lisa works with both customers and internal staff to assess problem situations or opportunities for improvements.


Most of her professional career has been in the senior healthcare environment — both with a multi-facility organization and multiple companies offering software solutions focused on improving senior care. 

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