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Outside the Office
Cheryl enjoys nature, adventure, and travel. Born and raised in Colorado, she has enjoyed hiking 14ers, rock climbing, and cycling across the Rocky Mountains. She now resides in Florida and has taken up the sports of triathlon and golf. She says golf is a little more her speed now, but still enjoys swimming, biking, and running, just not sequentially in the same day! Family, both in birth and by choice, is a priority, and Cheryl loves when she can experience nature, adventure, and travel with them.



Cheryl brings the unique experience of working with senior care facilities on the customer side for nearly a decade. With her organizational development background and coaching capabilities, she is dedicated to collaborating with senior care providers to leverage their strengths and help them align their organization’s culture to achieve desired business results.  


As the Director of Employee Engagement Solutions, Cheryl works with individual leaders and leadership teams to strengthen their capacity to embed specific leadership behaviors, practices and strategies that serve to shape an engaging environment. Cheryl holds a B.S. in Business Administration from Colorado State University and an M.S. in Organizational Psychology from Purdue Global University.

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