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Outside the Office
Brenda’s focus is on her 2 children Rylee and Will and her family. She is blessed to have a wonderful close-knit, supporting family that she enjoys making memories with. Travel is a passion she wishes should could indulge in more, but truly enjoys ‘quick’ trips with her kids just to get some bonding time. Her happy place is at the family cabin she shares with her brother’s family. Brenda was involved in a tragic accident in 2018 in which she became a above the knee right leg amputee. This accident has changed her life, but she continues to find strength in her family and friends. Having a positive and can do attitude is her motto. Anyone can do anything they want to if they put their mind to it.



As the Director of Service Excellence, Brenda understands the very unique support needs of Align customers and she and her team strive every day to meet and exceed expectations. Her area of expertise is in supporting Align customers using the Employee Engagement and Customer Experience Solutions.


Providing superior customer service is part of our mission. Brenda brings over twenty-five years of experience in customer relationship management. Most of those years were spent providing service and support to senior care providers.

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