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ActivLife was installed in a 54 unit assisted living facility in December of 2013. Using the community’s electronic medical record system, looking back three years from that date, the median length of stay (LOS) of the residents was 17 months.


Fast-forward to September of 2016. During the 32 months since the start of ActivLife at the community, 69 residents had participated to varying degrees. For those individuals, the median LOS was now 37 months!


The median length of stay for residents who did not participate during that timeframe was 19 months. Further evidence of the impact of ActivLife, for those residents who exercised at least 100 times in the program, their median LOS was 54 months, and counting!

Dramatic strength gains in just months

case study 1.png

Community realized increase in LOS


Let's talk about how you can see these kinds of changes in your community!

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