Outside the Office
Sarah has been married to her best friend, Nathan, for 22 years and they have 3 outgoing and independent children who are stepping into the world of young-adulthood. During the short (but beautiful) Minnesota summers, you will find her enjoying Jeep rides with Nathan and their goldendoodle. At home, you can often find her singing and dancing in their kitchen to the latest pop or praise and worship songs. (Ask her if she can do the “Running Man” and she will proudly display her skills with an enthusiastic “you betcha”!) Blessed with a perpetual joy for life, sense of humor and optimistic attitude, Sarah brings a positive energy to every situation. 


Sarah has always found herself drawn to the senior citizens in her world—be it her own grandma or an elderly gentleman at the grocery store, she discovered her passion when she entered the world of senior living sales a decade ago.


She brings her authenticity, natural ability to connect, and genuine desire to help those going through life-transitions to Align. Whether helping improve community occupancy or serving as a coach and mentor to other senior living sales professionals, she has worked with a variety of communities across the United States. 

Today, her greatest satisfaction is found in helping senior living organizations overcome the unique challenges that directly impact their ability to provide the highest level of care and service to those who live and work in their communities. Her heart’s desire is to see senior living organizations function at their highest level.

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