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What I learned from a group of engaged senior care leaders

Recently, I had the incredible opportunity to participate in a dialogue with a group of top executives who lead senor care organizations. Our topic was “workforce challenges,” and the discussion revolved around engaging and retaining committed employees. I felt so appreciative of the insights and actions that these leaders generously shared — actions they have taken to shape an engaging workplace for their employees.

Here are just a few of the leadership practices that were discussed:

Define, communicate and ACT on what’s important

One leader spoke about becoming really clear on organizational values and using them as a roadmap for defining the behaviors that are most important. Interestingly, her organization’s values aren’t the oversimplified, commonplace ones that most companies tout (integrity, teamwork, customer service). Rather, they were generated by asking provocative questions, listening and reflecting to understand the deepest needs of customers and employees. The values they espouse reflect what is important to and unique about her organization.

Of course, visibly expressing these values through explicit actions is what counts.

Acknowledging that often it’s the little things that, when done consistently, can make a big difference, her leadership team identified several low-effort, high-impact actions that leaders take to reinforce their values and to demonstrate care for employees. From finding a variety of ways to build fun into the work day to being diligent about making sure every employee has the tools and resources they need to care for residents, she and her leadership team are intentional about creating a caring environment for employees.

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