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Recruiting and retaining: What is your employer brand?

Having lived in Seattle for several years, I had a daily routine of visiting Starbucks for my daily dose of caffeine. Given that Seattle is home base for the company, you could find a Starbucks on pretty much every corner! I became very familiar with the smiling mermaid logo that greeted me every morning as I entered the store and enjoyed watching the baristas do their magic! I loved their coffee (Grande skinny vanilla latte for me!), and learned a lot about the company and their employer brand.

Starbucks is very clear on what it stands for. Its mission clearly goes way beyond just selling coffee: “To inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time.”

And the way they convey their value proposition to employees (Starbucks refers to their employees as partners) is pretty powerful as well. “Gigantic possibilities lie ahead—to grow as a person, in your career and in your community. To live the Starbucks mission and to be a leader. It’s the opportunity to become your personal best. To be connected to something bigger. To be meaningful to the world. And to be recognized for all of it. It’s all here for you.”

Now you may be thinking, “Sure, that’s easy to say, but do employees actually have that experience?” Here are some comments from a friend of mine who recently started working at Starbucks.

“I love working here! From my first interview and throughout my hiring and onboarding experience, I’ve been treated with kindness and respect. On a daily basis, I am reminded of our mission and the importance of connecting with our customers. Our leaders walk their talk. I feel valued and appreciated for my contributions, even though I’ve only worked here for a short time!”

Is your organization known as a great place to work? Do you have an employer brand that conveys to current and potential employees the unique aspects of your workplace?

What is an employer brand and why is it important?

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